It’s Wednesday evening – AKA, almost Thursday and that means it’s almost Friday. Yasssss! Come tomorrow morning, put your lipstick on, turn on some rap music and just handle it. At least that’s what this “boss babe” does. My life is far from perfect, please allow me to clarify that. If you have been following my blog and story from the very beginning, you have read about some of my struggles.

Well in this moment, especially as I’m typing this, I can say that I am truly happy. I am in a great place, and I love nothing more than to be able to share this positivity, love and light via social media and on this blog to help empower you. Yes, YOU. Please don’t ever forget that.

And thanks to the Wishwall Foundation and Simonetta Lein’s publication regarding my business, Life-STYLE by Laura for inspiring me. This is officially my second edition in the “Empowering Style and Fashion” blog series. I present to you another fabulous look that is very on trend for the season – both in silhouette and color. MAUVE, or as we’re calling it in this post, “Mauve-a-lous darling”.

Isn’t life so beautiful? It definitely isn’t perfect . . . but your outfit can always be. 😉 This look is a perfect example of mixing affordable, quality fashion with timeless, investment pieces. Nothing accents the most stunning ribbed crop set like a gorgeous pair of rocker-chic shoes. Yassss! These shoes and accessories give me life!!!
**And before we dive into more details dolls, you probably know the drill by now. Links to items will be shared throughout and at the very end. You receive 10% off your entire purchase at both boutiques mentioned using code LAURASTYLE at checkout!
And why this two piece mauve ensemble from Bask Boutique? Because there are very few people that mauve doesn’t look awesome on. AND, ribbed clothing is going to be everywhere next season. You heard it here first! So you are now ahead of those “trendsetters”. Go on with your bad self! 😉
Can we please pause for a moment and bow down to the body chain goddess? St. Raine by Sarah Strain = perfection for all jewelry, especially body chains. This body chain is my go-to accessory. Not even kidding. It is gold-filled (non tarnish), has a tiny CZ in the middle, and is perfect to wear year round. You don’t have to be sporting a bikini to wear a body chain. And if you were to look for a body chain of this quality at a larger retailer, you would be paying five times the price. Don’t worry girl, I got you covered. Or should I say St. Raine by Sarah Strain does. —> Absolutely! 
***And while the brand new St. Raine web site is being perfected, please e-mail all order requests to: [email protected]
These earrings though. Oh my! They’re amethyst gemstones, in what I call a “hoop be-jeweled silhouette”. Gorgeous with any hair color and any outfit. I even rock these earrings with a white tank and distressed denim. Yes, basically what I’m saying is that they can be a neutral. You definitely don’t have to be dressed uber fancy to wear them. Promise! 🙂
So dolls, tomorrow is Thursday, and you can do this. Remember that you are capable of doing ANYTHING and I mean anything you set your mind to. If you get stressed out, dance. Just dance and be silly. Or turn up the music in your car and jam out to your favorite chick song! After all, no one is going to be watching you. Everyone is too busy staring at their cell phone. Haha! – Sad but true. 😉
Before I sign off from the second edition in this “Empowering Style and Fashion” series, allow me share this quote that my amazing friend, Jennifer, passed on to me: “Serving the Light. Stay continually focused on the one prevailing truth- ALL THINGS serve one purpose and that is to bring in more light either by shining brightly upon you [and the world] or by creating cracks for the light to shine through.”
Isn’t that so beautiful? Be the light. And by cracks, we are referring to the whole fact that life is not always perfect. It’s the hard times that may try to break us, but in the end we will be stronger for it. And that is especially true if we can always try to come from a place of light and love. So that is my wish for you my dear. And if there is anything I can do to help you, please reach out. I mean that. From career advice, empowering support or styling/wardrobing assistance. I am here to help you come up with an action plan in this busy world. You truly can do anything in this world that you want, it all starts with believing and knowing that you don’t have to do it alone. Simply shoot me an email at: [email protected]
Outfit Recap – remember code LAURASTYLE for 10% OFF your total order:

Clothing: Ribbed Cropped Set – size Small, Medium or Large.
Body Chain: Order requests here: [email protected] / The St. Raine web site is getting a complete makeover, but I promise Sarah will excellent care of you via e-mail too. 
Amethyst earrings: Again, please submit your order requests to: [email protected]
Other items pictured, currently not eligible at the 10% discount:
Rockstud Patent Sandal, ivory: Valentino — And if you want VIP treatment with any purchases c/o Neiman Marcus, please shoot me an e-mail. Remember you are never a “walking wallet” to me; you are a person. I am more than happy to set up a styling appointment for you and/or put you in contact with my go-to team members there. 🙂
—-> As always, please direct all styling, branding and media inquiries to Laura and her team: [email protected]
*** Special thanks to Marcus Lopez Photography. You are beyond amazing, and these pictures would not exist without all your hard work. You ROCK!
*** Alex Dixon (AKA Ms Painted Lady). Girl, you take hair, makeup and glam to a whole other level. Seriously though. I am bowing down! I felt so beautiful during this shoot, and I cannot thank you enough.
*** Mary Guevara (INSTA: @marygartisty) – what would I do without you? From on-site glam touchups, styling help, and overall keeping me on point. You are my soul sister and I love you to pieces!