Let’s be clear – styling is not as simple as picking out a pair of socks, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated either. After your initial meeting with Laura, she will make a general assessment of your personal shopping needs. At this time, we will discuss a strategic styling plan, tailored to your lifestyle, personal taste and budget . After your Initial Appointment Questionnaire is completed and Laura has assessed your overall shopping needs, it’s time to get to work! Personal shopping and styling is the easiest way for Laura to save valuable time and energy for you as her Client. Laura will tackle the stores herself, or we can work together to make the process quick, easy and painless.

Do you realize that you are your brand? Literally. Nothing superficial really, but how you dress, how you approach each day– that’s how the world sees you. How do you want the world to see you? Likeable, warm, charismatic, or maybe approachable? This is where I come in to help. The personal needs of you as the client are met with sensitivity and an emphasis on individuality. Our goal is not to make you someone you’re not, but rather to enhance who you are.

Some clothes just never make it off the hanger. You wear them once and for some reason they vanish to the back of your closet. Now their only purpose it to take up space that is already limited. Closet Rehab will organize what works for you and get rid of what doesn’t. Together we will focus on key pieces throughout your closet that can be used to build your wardrobe. Furthermore, we will establish a shopping checklist for additional clothing and accessories.