Isn’t that quote amazing? It may seem deep, but don’t you worry dolls, this post will be moving and awesome (if I have anything to do with it 🙂 Let’s just start by saying that I am more inspired than ever to inspire YOU this week. We all know that life is not all rainbows, butterflies and walking through a meadow with daisies. And that’s ok. I truly want to inspire you to find strength today and every day, whether your life is full of happiness, stress or sorrow.  So let’s begin, shall we?
Thank goodness it’s almost Friday, right? I don’t know about you, but this really has been a LONG and very busy week. And on top of that, I just found out that two of my closest friends have parents who are dying from cancer. That awful, gut wrenching, six letter word: C-A-N-C-E-R. My heart hurts for them, and all I can do is show them unconditional love, provide daily inspiration and be a truly selfless friend. After all, I will never forget who was there for me after my brother passed. These exact two friends were there, by my side . . . loving me, unconditionally – every step of the way. 
So with that being said, this post is a tribute to the two of you. You know who you are. I love you both dearly, and am sending you more love, positive vibes and prayers than you can ever imagine. May this week’s blog, full of inspirational quotes and many beautiful things be a pure reminder that through all the sadness and trials in this world, we can still find peace and beauty. 
Now before I formally introduce to you one of my favorite up-and-coming jewelry designers and her stunning collection, allow me to share this with you. You may have seen this quote on my Facebook page this week:
I choose love. To love fiercely and freely. What about you? I’m sure if you have loved and lost in this lifetime, or maybe right now there is someone in your life who is currently struggling, this quote probably hits close to home. So why is it that we have to lose someone we love (be it a friend, family member, even an acquaintance) for us to truly embrace how fleeting and short this life is? When we lose someone, I like to say that God just needed another angel. Others may say that despite the hurt and loss, we always have to realize that this life is so precious, so BEAUTIFUL. Each and every day is a gift; after all, it’s called the “present”. 
Every. Single. Thing. About this life is beautiful. Without the struggles, we truly aren’t capable of appreciating the good times. And that’s just it. What does your life look like when everything is going well? And what makes you happy? For me, I love waking up in the morning and hearing my yorkie snoring next to me. I love music, sunsets, laughing, singing and gemstones. Oh, and I love LOVE. Yes, love. 
I love fashion, obviously, and it’s through fashion that I have a platform to share my passion for life, experience with the loss, and ultimately, my love for others. I always told myself, from the very beginning of my career in fashion that I wasn’t shopping and styling clients. What I am doing is truly helping others. Helping them excel in their careers. Helping them feel confident and beautiful. Helping them celebrate life’s precious moments and special occasions. And that’s just it; I really am.
So many beautiful things right? And that’s one of the reasons why I chose this week, this post, to formally introduce to you one of the sweetest, most talented jewelry designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her name is Sarah Strain and her collection is called St. Raine.
Isn’t she gorgeous? And such a sweet girl. In all my years in fashion, I’ve never been more inspired by a jewelry designer’s pieces, than I am with Sarah’s. They bring me so much joy. That may sound cheesy, but they truly do. And so I’m here to share them with you. Each and every one of these pieces is extremely affordable and beautiful. 
And, here’s the best news! As always, you get a 10% discount using promo code “LAURASTYLE” at checkout, but there’s more. I’m sure you could see this one coming, but here goes: I will personally donate a SIGNIFICANT portion of the proceeds from all the jewelry purchased this week to the American Cancer Society. If you purchase multiple pieces, please feel free to shoot me an e-mail. Maybe there is a specific cancer that you would like me to make the donation from your sale towards,  and I am more than happy to do that. My e-mail is: [email protected]
And gentlemen, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise your significant other, daughter, grandma, etc with a stunning, yet affordable piece. There’s no need to feel excluded from the fun. So without further adieu, here’s my Top 20 jewelry picks from the St. Raine collection! **Please note, when you visit the St. Raine site, you can purchase any piece, not just the ones showcased below. As long as you enter the promo code at checkout, I will be donating a portion of the proceeds back to the ACS. 
1) Peruvian Opal Lariat Necklace. There’s something so delicate and beautiful about this necklace. The colors are divine, and the lariat silhouette is stunning and very flattering.

2) Blue Agate Gemstone Bracelets. These color are so gorgeous, let’s just be real. Don’t they make you smile?

3) Aquamarine and Pave Diamond Moon Bracelets. Oh that sweet moon. Such gorgeous colors and that moon and tassel are so pretty together. No, I’m not being cheesy . . . just honest.

4) Pave Diamond Wishbone Necklace. Talk about the perfect necklace for layering, right? So precious.

5) Non Tarnish Gold Shark Tooth Anklet. Pretty cool, right? And wearing an anklet is truly fun and different. This piece is perfect for daily wear and for your next beach getaway or pool party.

6) Geode Light Blue Tassel Earrings. Tassel earrings are among St. Raine’s top selling items, and they come in a plethora of colors. Each pair is so effortless, sweet and feminine! 

7) Pave Diamond Opal Necklace. This necklace is the perfect statement piece to wear at your next cocktail party or black-tie event. But don’t feel limited by this necklace, as you can absolutely pair this beauty back to a white T-shirt and distressed denim.

8) Amethyst Necklace. There is something so pure and beautiful about the amethyst birthstone. For me, purple is such a pure, divine color. It almost looks like you can see the clouds in this piece.

9) Pave Diamond and Labradorite Statement Ring. Talk about a statement ring. Wow, just wow!

10) Chrysoprase Spike Necklace. You have probably seen similar necklaces, but not with stunning colors like this (and the other ones on the St. Raine site). And if you were to find a necklace like this at a large retailer like Neiman Marcus, it would cost you at least $250.

11) Morganite Pave Diamond Druzy Necklace. Isn’t this blush color gorgeous? And can we please just pause and say thank you to Sarah for having such a gifted eye for beautiful colors and textures? This necklace is pristine in its design. All around, it’s amazing.

12) Dream Catcher Earrings. Need I say more? Call me a dreamer, and a doer . . . and let’s just say these earring equal perfection.
13) Geode Cobal Blue Beaded Tassel Earrings. This blue is amazing! And it couldn’t be more perfect for Dallas, TX, as all our sports teams (Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, and Stars) rock the color blue in their team colors.

14) Pave Diamonds and Light Pink Chalcedony Lariat. Once again, the lariat silhouette is back with a  bang. And going back to a previous blog post, wearing the color pink is always a good idea. Studies show that wearing pink can actually help you feel happier and more content. It’s all in the power of pink – pretty sweet, huh? 

15) Peruvian Opal Point Necklace. The way the light hits this pendant is impeccable. There really aren’t any words that do it justice, and especially at that price. Yes please.

16) Rose Quartz Necklace. Did you know that rose quartz is a healing stone? Not only that, but finding beautiful rose quartz in this hue and color intensity is extremely rare. Obsessed is an understatement.

17) Peruvian Opal, Diamond and Agate Necklace. This green and pink combination is absolutely beautiful. It makes me want to jet set away to a beach somewhere. What about you?

18) Lariat (14k Gold Filled). Absolutely beautiful. It’s classy, elegant and ideal for layering. Lariat necklaces are very flattering on a woman’s body, as it showcases our curves.

19) Non Tarnish Gold Filled Body Chain with CZ Charm. This is St. Raine’s #1 selling body chain, and it’s the most beautiful body chain I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for everyday wear; dainty, beautiful and sexy – yet classy. Love, love, love.

20) Gold CZ Anklet. And the evil eye pendant is one of my absolute favorite symbols. The evil eye is all about positivity. It’s a sacred pendant that symbolizes cutting all negative people and energy out of your life. Who doesn’t need that? 
So those are my Top 20 picks! Be sure to check out the entire St. Raine collection. And don’t forget,  I will be donating a significant portion of the proceeds from all jewelry sold over the next week to the American Cancer Society. Be sure to share with your friends and family. It’s for a good cause, and I sincerely promise that you will LOVE the St. Raine collection. 🙂
“Don’t be afraid to give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted in life.” You deserve to be happy. You deserve to wake up every day and feel loved. You deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things. You deserve to love this life. And that is my greatest wish for you.
Cheers fashion lovers. XOXO – Laura
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