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Laura has had the good fortune of knowing Loren Maine Williams for over 13 years. With an artistry background, Loren discovered her love for jewelry when her oldest son, Cole, went on his first day of school. Loren was having an emotional day (many moms can relate to this), when her mother brought her a colorful piece of jewelry to brighten her day. It was right there in there when Loren knew she wanted to share the same beauty with other women. Loren’s words were, “If this one piece of jewelry could bring me so much joy, I want to do that for other women!” Just like that, the brand “Loren” came to life.

Today, in partnership with Life-STYLE by Laura, Loren’s brand is already booming. We couldn’t be more excited!!! Loren jewelry truly makes you smile; after all, it’s fun, functional, and fabulous jewelry for EVERYONE!